WM-E10 Thanksgiving Special

00:00 INTRO: You are listening to episode 10 of Weekly Madness. Recorded on Sunday, November 18th and published to the public on Wednesday, November 21st. This episode is approximately 30 minutes long.




01:30 Mike: Hey, this is Mike.


01:32 Aaron: And this is Aaron.


01:33 Mike: Oh, Aaron, you don't sound very lively there.


01:35 Aaron: Hey, look, I'm ready to go, I'm jumping up for joy. We've got a really special day today.


01:40 Mike: Yeah, we've got two new people joining us today on the podcast. They're joining our team, we've got Chelsea Whiting and Nora Speakman. Say hello.


01:52 Chelsea: Hello.


01:53 Nora: Hi, there.


01:55 Mike: So they're going to be co-hosting with us, to try to provide a little more excitement. Because I know Aaron and I can only have so much excitement on this show, but I went to... I was working at the department store I usually work at today and I can honestly say that the crowds are definitely...


02:16 Aaron: You said you usually work at this one. Do you work in a different one another days?




02:19 Mike: No, I just felt like saying usually.


02:22 Aaron: Okay.


02:23 Mike: I came home from work today, and I have to say the crowds are definitely building up. I know Black Friday is on its way. So I figured we would go ahead and talk about Black Friday on this episode here. I know there's a lot of madness that goes on around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and I don't even know. Are there any other titles, isn't there a some kind of Tuesday too?


02:47 Aaron: Not that I know of. I know you were speaking earlier today, and you told me something about a Blue Tuesday, and I have no idea what you're talking about.


02:54 Mike: Well, I don't know anything about a Blue Tuesday. I was just giving some...


02:58 Nora: There's Giving Tuesday but that's a whole non-profit thing. And Black Friday is all about profit. So I'm pretty sure it's different. [chuckle]


03:06 Mike: Well, there's Small Business Saturday.


03:08 Nora: Oh, there you go.


03:08 Mike: American Express usually puts that on, so.


03:11 Nora: Right.


03:11 Mike: That's a great opportunity.


03:13 Aaron: I don't think it has anything to do with the shopping, though, right? That was just... That's what happens in... What month does that happen, October?


03:20 Mike: What do you mean? It's all about shopping. You shop small. They call it the Shop Small event. Don't you remember, I had my computer repair shop, Aaron? And we had the Shop Small flyers out everywhere, I had a banner up outside, I had people come in, I had food outside and everything. And I was telling you to come and you didn't show up.


03:37 Aaron: Wasn't that the day you got scammed out of your taxes?




03:41 Mike: What?


03:43 Aaron: You signed up for some free thing, if you signed up with the people next door that did taxes, they gave you like $100 or something?


03:49 Mike: Yeah, That's right.




03:53 Mike: I'm so glad you mentioned that. And that maddens me to this day. I am telling you. My God. [chuckle]


04:00 Aaron: Listen, I'm not sure what that has to do with Black Friday and shopping for the holidays.


04:07 Nora: It actually does. It's November 24th this year. Small Business Saturday, American shopping holiday.


04:15 Mike: See?


04:16 Nora: I am the keeper of all useless information. [chuckle]


04:20 Aaron: I like it.


04:20 Mike: See, we have an on-site fact-checker here. Look at that, Aaron.


04:24 Nora: Yes, That's right.


04:26 Mike: So what kind of madness have you dealt with on Black Friday, Aaron?


04:30 Aaron: So... Alright, here we go. First of all, I'm an avid...


04:35 Mike: Oh, let me recline back in my chair here.


04:39 Aaron: You know how my stories are, I'll start one end and then I'll end up around the world. I'm an avid Black Friday shopper. I prepare for this. In fact, I have the deals pulled up in front of me right now, exactly what has been leaked so far. So like the... Walmart workers, they'll leak the different deals. So I know exactly what I'm going to get. I'm very, very adamant about getting these deals, and a lot of times we're like, "Hey, we're gonna go shopping, I'm gonna get all my Christmas shopping done." No, no, no, this isn't about Christmas shopping. This is about finding stuff you'd fight for.


05:12 Mike: This is war.


05:15 Aaron: For the last eight years, I've bought six TVs. [chuckle]


05:18 Nora: Oh, my God.


05:20 Chelsea: What?


05:22 Aaron: And I'm in...


05:23 Nora: For you or resale? Do you resell those TVs, Aaron?


05:26 Aaron: Now, I do resell stuff, but I have not resold the TV. I give one away, gave one to my father-in-law. But I haven't resold a TV. Last year I bought a 65 inch TV.


05:36 Nora: Wow.


05:37 Aaron: But... So, I plan out my day. I plan out exactly what store I'm gonna go to, I know what time I'm gonna get there, I know where I'm gonna go in the store to get my things. And then sometimes I'm even a little mischievous. So, Walmart, for instance, three years ago, they had a situation where they unveiled, unveiled. Revealed... Anyway... Unveiled.


06:02 Mike: Unveiled.


06:03 Aaron: That's the word I'm looking for.


06:04 Nora: Unveiled. [chuckle]


06:04 Aaron: They unveiled different deals at different times of the day. Well, that really messed me up.


06:11 Nora: That was just for you? [laughter]


06:13 Aaron: Don't know. No, I... No, it really messed me up because I needed to be at Walmart at 6:00 AM, and I needed to be at Target at 7:00 AM, and I needed to be at Best Buy at 8:00 AM. But yeah, they were uncovering something at 6:00 and they were uncovering something at 10:00 AM, and I couldn't be there. So what I did, was I went in to Walmart at 6:00 and I went and found the item that they uncovered at 6:00 and I went to the automotive section and I hid it. And then I went, I left. 'Cause I couldn't wait in line, 'cause the line's longer than it is to get inside, to check out. So I hid it and then I went to hit my other stores and I went back at 10:00 AM to get back in line to get the other revealing item and I got it and then I went back to the automotive section and picked up my item and then went and checked out.


07:04 Mike: See, now...


07:05 Chelsea: Can you believe this?


07:06 Mike: Normal people wait for the unveiling. But didn't you tell me that there was that one fellow, that he didn't wanna wait?


07:12 Aaron: Well, okay. So we had these... There's a big old... Big old crate in the middle of the aisle and there's probably 50 people surrounding this, and they're waiting for the... [chuckle] To tear out this black plastic that you can't see through. And this guy come out of nowhere, like electronic section, jumping over the entire crowd like Superman, flies across the top of the crowd [laughter] and lands into the big pile of stuff. He grabs like three of these things, picks it up and goes, "I got it," and runs away. [laughter] It's...


07:47 Chelsea: That's crazy.


07:48 Aaron: I wonder if... I think Mike was telling me, Nora, you know some statistics on how many people get hurt or killed on Black Friday?


07:55 Nora: Oh, no, It's a whole day. So first of all, just to give our listenership some insight into my personality. [laughter] After you shared that about you, Mr. Aaron. I am a total rule-follower. So I would have been casing you through the store, taking out what you were hiding and telling people you did it. [laughter] Which is so funny to me, because when I was in kindergarten, okay, a kindergartener, I remember this, the Principal walked in and one of the little boys put crayons in the radiator heater thing, so they could melt into it. So what did I do? I raised my hand and I was like, "Mr. West, that little boy over there, he was misbehaving." To this day, he still remembers that. So I'm just warning you, if we ever go shopping together, [laughter] I will be pulling out those items.


08:52 Aaron: Alright, everybody...


08:52 Nora: That was so funny.


08:53 Aaron: If you can hear me, if you live close to Nora, don't go shopping with Nora. She's gonna rat you out.


08:56 Nora: That's right, That's right. We all have to follow the rules. But yes, so there is a website, blackfridaydeathcount.com. Because there are tramplings and crazy people out there like Aaron. [laughter]


09:13 Aaron: I didn't jump over anybody. I just witnessed the jumping. [laughter]


09:18 Nora: They play it like Fortnite. I'm just kidding, I heard about your Fortnite obsession. [laughter]


09:24 Aaron: I'm not addicted.


09:25 Mike: You know what we said about denial.


09:28 Nora: The first step is admitting you have a problem. Mm-hmm. But yeah, so we know the phrase "doorbuster?" We've all heard that.


09:37 Chelsea: Yup.


09:37 Nora: Originally, this was coined in 1949 by JC Penney, just to describe the sale. It became real at a New York Walmart in 2008, where there was a crowd of more than 2,000 people, and they literally pressed so hard against the locked sliding doors, they shattered.


10:00 Chelsea: Oh, my.


10:00 Nora: And they trampled each other. So it was literally a doorbuster.


10:05 Chelsea: Wow.


10:06 Nora: That's madness. I mean, that's just crazy.


10:09 Mike: Yeah, that's definitely madness.


10:11 Aaron: You know, something we didn't actually talk about or plan to talk about in this episode, and that was the worker side of this situation. Did we? We didn't discuss this, right? I wonder what it's like to be on the other side. Now, I know my wife worked at Best Buy on Black Friday and JC Penney's a couple of years ago, and that was... She said she'll never do it again.


10:30 Nora: I bet it's crazy.


10:30 Mike: Well, I can tell you up to this point, I haven't worked on Black Friday, but working at a department store, I'm starting to see, right now, just how difficult it is to do some of the normal tasks that we have to keep up with. Because normally, we would work the register and then we'd have some downtime at the register, we are able to go and check the fitting rooms, rearrange clothing on the racks and the shelves, things like that. But now, with so many people coming to the registers, you can't leave that register. I've got clothes piling up in the fitting rooms, I've got...


11:07 Chelsea: Oh, my gosh.


11:08 Mike: People pick up clothes off the shelves and they just throw them back on there, don't fold them back up or anything, they don't care. And I'm leaving the store today. And it just, it looks in dismay, there's just stuff scattered everywhere. I'm like, "I wanna clean this up, but I just don't know how." You don't have the time. There's no way you can do it. And then, they'll have maybe two associates working in each department, but then later on in the day, one of those associates ends up going home. There's only one associate left in that particular area that, you can't expect that out of those people. So it's tough. I can definitely understand where the seasonal help is desperately needed around the holidays. We need to have people there to try to reorganize, just to reorganize, we need somebody there.


11:57 Nora: How about the irony of the sweet songs and then everybody is like rude and trampling one another, but you've got these sweet Christmas songs [laughter] playing in the background.


12:10 Aaron: Well, last week in the parking lot madness, I'm looking at this old lady, I'm looking at her and I'm going, "You're going to a Christmas show, this is where you're headed to, and you're talking like that." She was using some bad language. Now, Chelsea, you were saying before we got on, we actually started recording and everything, that you did your Christmas shopping. You did some shopping today. Are you finished?


12:34 Chelsea: Just for... It was just like decorations and that was basically it. Just getting decorations out of the way. I think if I wanted to do any Black Friday shopping I would actually wait until Cyber Monday for the deals, 'cause I'd rather not deal with crowds. Kinda just angers me.


12:54 Aaron: I've never been a Cyber Monday person. I'm not... Now, granted, I did last year, when I bought my TV, I did buy that on Cyber Monday.


13:03 Chelsea: Yeah.


13:04 Aaron: So where is your big place, where do you go?


13:07 Chelsea: Usually just to the mall.


13:08 Aaron: Oh, so they actually have... 'Cause I thought Cyber Monday was just in anything online. So they still kind of... It ends in the actual stores?


13:17 Chelsea: Yeah, so a lot of the stores in the mall have their deals online as well that I've noticed, like Macy's, your bigger stores, Macy's, JC Penney, Kohl's.


13:30 Aaron: And do they run out of that inventory just like they do in the stores?


13:34 Chelsea: I haven't noticed that. I have noticed on Amazon if you try going shopping online there, sometimes the website, what would I say? It just stops working, like it goes down, shuts down for a little bit.


13:47 Aaron: You get the cute little puppies pop up, that says, "Oops! What happened?"




13:49 Chelsea: Yep, yep.


13:53 Nora: I love it.


13:53 Mike: I have to say I haven't really gone Black Friday shopping. I mean, what boggles my mind are the people that just wait outside of the stores. They'll line up for the Black Friday special, they'll be there six hours, maybe eight hours ahead of time, just lined up. They got their own tent or whatever, the blankets are laying on the ground.


14:16 Aaron: Alright. I resemble that remark.


14:19 Mike: I don't know how you do it, alright, so all I can say is I think you're crazy, 'cause I feel a lot of those sales could be... I don't know. To me it's not worth it because they say time is money and to be spending all that time waiting outside, It's kind of like you're wasting precious time of your own to be able to get a little extra savings, and it's not worth it to me. And I guess it's up to each individual person whether or not it's worth it to do that. But one of the things that maddens me most about Black Friday is just the traffic. Just getting from here to there, it's like gridlock sometimes over here on the Boulevard in Gastonia, or whatever. You'd be stuck in traffic and can't get anywhere. It's crazy.


15:02 Chelsea: What I've noticed is, I don't know if any of you have gone Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving, like you go and wait outside. No? You haven't been that far yet. [laughter]


15:13 Aaron: Yes, I'm that person. I eat Thanksgiving dinner.


15:16 Chelsea: You are?


15:17 Aaron: I eat Thanksgiving dinner and then I'm in the lines, that is where I'm at.


15:20 Chelsea: You're out, you're like, "I'm ready to go." [laughter]


15:24 Aaron: There was one time that there was such a good deal on a TV that... I don't know what it is about TVs. So first of all, I think it should just be called the TV sale. Not Black Friday, it should be called the TV sale, because I know everybody buys a TV, they're in this. But there was such a good deal on a TV that I got in line at, I think it was 8 or 9 o'clock on Thursday night for the store to open up at 6:00 AM, and that's how long I waited. I was appalled, and I was like 50th in line. I wasn't even in the front.


15:56 Nora: Oh, my gosh.


15:56 Mike: Now, you know what gets me is all of this Black Friday madness that we have going on with this here, it's all to celebrate Christmas. It's a loving time of family and caring for one another and here we've got all this madness trying to get the gift before somebody else and you're ripping it out of each other's hands. It just shows the animals that we really are before the giving aspect after it, but...


16:25 Aaron: Did you miss the part at the beginning when I said, "This isn't shopping for other people, this is all about me"? I don't know what you're talking about this whole, "This is loving and caring," and everything. No, I do all that later. This is about me. This is me and I, the situation. I sit down and have a conversation with myself beforehand, "What you gonna get me this year?"




16:49 Mike: But it's true, though, who do we really shop for when it comes to Black Friday? We use the excuse of we're shopping for others. But just like in the outline, here, or Nora mentioned earlier that in the outline that it's half as much for me as it is the other person. You wanna get those great deals also, you know.


17:14 Nora: And I think we rationalize like, well, it's just like Aaron's saying, they're great deals. Of course it is. Well, when you get... You're in line for 12 hours, it'd better be a damn good deal. [laughter] You know, worth it.


17:27 Aaron: Well, and you know what? I was gonna say that earlier, whenever we're talking about giving a gift, you get to attach that with it too. You'll be like, "I've got you this, this TV." 'Cause heck, that's where I'm at. I can't think of anything else they put on sale.




17:44 Aaron: "I got you this TV. And I waited 18 hours to get it. Just for you. Just for you."


17:52 Nora: Right. And that equates an hourly fee for waiting in line, so it really costs X amount. I totally hear what you're saying.


18:02 Aaron: 'Cause I should get paid $20 an hour, 'cause that TV is gonna be expensive.


18:06 Mike: Well, it's like the other day, I was at the department store and I was ringing up some purchases and this guy puts down a pair of pants, and I ring it up and he said, "Oh, isn't that a great deal on these pants," and I'm like, "Well, actually, sir," I says, "You only got two pairs of pants here." I was like, "If you get one more, the deal is actually buy one pair of pants, get two free." And so I was like, "It's better for you to just get a third pair as maybe there's a relative or something that you wanna get a pair for." So he goes and gets another pair of pants and then he's got a scarf and then I'm like, "Oh, so you're getting a pair of pants for a friend or something?" "Oh, heck, no. That third pair of pants is for me. I'm getting the scarf for the friend that I saved the extra money on. But thank you so much." I'm like...




18:54 Nora: Funny.


18:54 Mike: So we've got Thanksgiving coming up this week. What are some of the things that you normally do around this time of the year? Do you spend it with family or is it something that... Do you travel anywhere, you stay at home? Or...


19:10 Aaron: Well, I'm gonna tell a little quick story as fast as I can, and we know that's not gonna be fast. I used to, I don't do this anymore. I used to prepare for Thanksgiving about three or four days in advance. I would actually eat as much as I possibly could like the fourth day before Thanksgiving, and then I would slowly lower that down, that way I could just devour as much food as possible on Thanksgiving.




19:41 Nora: You are all about for caring.


19:44 Chelsea: Smart.


19:44 Nora: You're like the most avid boy scout. My God, Aaron. [laughter] That is so funny, and I'm surprised it didn't involve a TV... That story.




19:57 Nora: That is so funny.




20:00 Mike: So you don't try to watch a football game or anything like that, Aaron?


20:03 Aaron: I don't watch sports.


20:04 Nora: What do you mean?


20:05 Aaron: I think it's silly, I think it's silly for people to get paid millions of dollars to throw a ball back and forth.


20:11 Nora: But you play Fortnite, like, you're getting paid.




20:15 Mike: Well, that's maddening all on its own because you think about all these... Yeah, no... Think about all these football players and everything, they make more money than the President of the United States to play sports. That is maddening right there.


20:30 Nora: Have you met our president? I'm just kidding... Okay, so we're not getting...




20:35 Mike: Well...


20:35 Nora: We're not getting...


20:36 Chelsea: Yeah, let's not get into that.


20:37 Aaron: Regardless of who the president is, they still get paid, more than whatever president, past or future.


20:45 Nora: Yeah.


20:45 Aaron: To play football, baseball, basketball.


20:47 Nora: Well, on that note, what's maddening is the college athletes that don't get paid at all. That's crazy to me.


20:57 Chelsea: Well, they... Don't they get scholarships?


21:00 Nora: Some of them do, but the girls really have it wrapped up with Title IX.


21:06 Chelsea: Oh, yeah.


21:06 Nora: But for what they do, day in and day out and carrying academic load, I think that's maddening.


21:14 Chelsea: Yeah, it has to be tough.


21:16 Aaron: And see... I quit college to fry chicken, to mix it all up.




21:21 Aaron: So I guess I never got in to that one.


21:24 Mike: One of the things I enjoy about Thanksgiving, though, I have to admit, it's... A lot of people love Christmas they say it's the season of giving and bringing family together and everything, but I don't know. I have to say that my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. And I think I mentioned this on a Facebook post, on the last episode, but one of the things about Thanksgiving that I enjoy most is the fact that it brings families together and you don't have to worry about getting each other a gift or anything. You just bring yourself and you gather around the table, and you get to talk with loved ones you haven't seen in a while and things like that. And it doesn't matter what religion you are, either. People just get together from all different backgrounds and religions and everything. And I think that that in itself is something that kinda makes Thanksgiving special.


22:19 Aaron: For sure. And I've actually, I would have to say, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays for that very reason. The reason Christmas, I celebrate Christmas, the reason Christmas isn't my favorite holiday is because my birthday is two days later, so...




22:34 Mike: Well, my birthday, is a few days before. I was born on the 22nd.


22:39 Nora: Aww.


22:40 Aaron: Yeah, but see, my birthday presents were never... My dad did a really good job, he made sure they didn't wrap my presents in birthday or in Christmas paper... And he actually used to give me a small birthday in July. He would throw me a little small party in July to say, "Hey, we know that you go all year without getting anything," but that's the reason Christmas is not my favorite holidays, because it is a little just maddening in general for Christmas coming together. You gotta figure out what you're gonna get someone. And did someone get you a better gift than what you got them. And then there's always that kind of weird tension between family members, especially... There's normally one family member that you don't quite get along with, which you gotta sit in a room with, sometimes, it is for me. Actually, not really for me, but for a lot of people I've noticed.


23:36 Mike: How about you, Chelsea? I know that you're over in the Fort Bragg area, so I don't know... Do you try to get together with family for the Thanksgiving holiday? I know you've got some family in another state and everything?


23:51 Chelsea: Yeah, I'm originally from Ohio, so this is my first year actually being away from home for the holidays. So for this year, I'm just gonna have some friends over, and everyone's just gonna bring their own dish and just enjoy our evening and food.


24:08 Aaron: Yeah, I like that part, that last one you said, that food area, that one's good.


24:12 Chelsea: Food, yup.


24:12 Mike: I do love food. That is what brings Thanksgiving all together, for me. How about yourself, Nora, are you going be doing anything special for the Thanksgiving holiday?


24:23 Nora: Well, I don't know how big of a Hispanic population you all have in North Carolina, but we love to eat. And it's like any... Every day is Thanksgiving in a Hispanic family.




24:37 Nora: There's plenty, always. And the minute someone walks in, the first question is, "Are you hungry? You need to eat." And so we have a plethora, from turkey to ham to enchiladas. It's just... It's the Smorgasbord. Aaron would be in hog heaven, coming to my house.


25:00 Aaron: That sounds like a great invitation.


25:02 Mike: I just think we all need to go to Nora's house this Thanksgiving.


25:05 Nora: I'm telling you, it is so much fun. But my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. And I grew up teaching tennis, for a long time, for a living. So I had kids from all over the world, who lived with me that were really good in their resident country, and they didn't know what Thanksgiving was. So I would make a dish from all around the world so that they could feel at home at the same time we were having turkey. So it always brings back great memories for me.


25:35 Mike: Oh, That's wonderful. It is really good to hear that but... We wish everybody a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy your holiday. We're releasing this on Wednesday, so tomorrow will be Thanksgiving for you guys. And as a special treat, we also want to offer a little bit of sharing to some of our listeners here. So what we're going to do is on our Facebook page, if you can... We're gonna have a post on there that has more information on this, but we're gonna be giving away two Amazon gift cards, valued at $25 each. And all you have to do is, we're gonna have a post describing the details of how this works. Well, we basically want you to comment on that post and tell us what you're thankful for this holiday season.


26:27 Mike: It can be something simple or it can be something more advanced, but just anything to... Let us know what you're thankful for and then go ahead and share that post with your friends and we wanna get a big response from everybody out there, just knowing what they're thankful for, and we'll go ahead and we'll select somebody at random who commented and shared that post. We'll select somebody at random to win the $25 Amazon gift card, and again, we have two of them to give away. So, please do go on our Facebook, like our page and share what you're thankful for. And that's how the rooster ate the octopus.




27:18 Nora: And thank y'all for welcoming Chelsea and I too to the show. This was a lot of fun.


27:22 Chelsea: Yeah, thank you.


27:23 Aaron: Yeah, It's gonna be real fun and I look forward to future episodes with these two ladies.


27:30 Mike: So, to kinda let you know what that's all about there. A while back, Aaron and I were joking around and we said, "We need to have a sign-off message."




27:41 Mike: Kind of like a... So, we just started throwing these random sayings at the end there.


27:48 Aaron: You beat me to it.


27:50 Mike: What was your first one?


27:52 Aaron: Don't forget to wash your cucumbers before you peel them or something like that.




27:58 Chelsea: What?


28:01 Mike: I was like, "What the hell are you talking about?"


28:02 Aaron: You beat me to it this time, I had one, I was ready to go. I was...


28:05 Mike: Well, what's yours?


28:06 Aaron: I was gonna say, "Don't eat your marbles before the leprechaun gets them."


28:14 Nora: What? [laughter]


28:15 Mike: Alright, so we'll decide later which one sounds better. Anybody else got one? A sign-off, just come up with something random.


28:27 Nora: Always put pink Himalayan salt around your Mexican beer. It tastes better.


28:36 Aaron: I don't think I've ever had Mexican beer or pink Himalayan salt.


28:40 Nora: Well, see, another reason why Thanksgiving at Nora's.


28:46 Mike: I think we just all need to take a Weekly Madness Show field trip to Nora's house and we're all gonna have a wonderful feast.


28:54 Aaron: Business expense.




28:57 Mike: Business expense, there we go.


29:00 Aaron: Thanks.


29:00 Mike: That's how we used to do it with iCracked, we just... Everytime you and I met up, we write those meals off and iCracked payed for them, didn't they?


29:10 Aaron: Yeah.


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