Thanksgiving Special


In today’s episode of Weekly Madness, we introduce 2 new team members to our podcast. Nora Speakman is from San Antonio, Texas and has experience hosting her own podcast called the Liminality Life Podcast. Chelsea Baker is from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We are happy to give a warm welcome to both of these new team members and are pleased to have them as a part of our show.

During this episode, we discuss what maddens us during Black Friday. Have you ever had to wait in line to get the number one selling item of the year? Do you find that you end up buying more gifts for yourself during Black Friday rather than for others? Perhaps this day brings out more greed in people rather than kindness. What about Cyber Monday? Do you find yourself on Amazon trying to get the best deals?

While Black Friday may bring out our crazy side, I would like to feel that Thanksgiving brings out our generosity and kindness. I feel there is no holiday that brings people together better than Thanksgiving. It is the one holiday where family can get together and pig out on a wonderful meal. There is no need to be concerned about religious or ethnic background. There is no need to be concerned with political correctness. It’s a time of giving each other’s company. We live our lives in such a fast paced society today, that this is probably one of the few times you get to sit down to a great home cooked meal. Enjoy it.

As part of this episode, we will be giving away 2 free Amazon gift cards valued at $25. All you have to do is visit our facebook page located <HERE> for more information on how to participate. The winners of the gift cards will be announced at 12PM Eastern Time on Black Friday.