michael rose

Mike is the creator and Host of Weekly Madness.  When he is not working 2 jobs, you can sometimes find him at Virginia Beach with his loving fiancée watching fire breathing robots roast cars with flames and eat them for lunch.  During his free time, he enjoys spending weekends in Asheville with his fiancée and destroying Aaron at Monopoly on Nintendo Switch.



Aaron is a co-host for Weekly Madness.  During the day he spends most of his time working for Zaxbys as a District Manager. While driving between Zaxbys locations, he must dodge evil storm clouds and airplanes falling out of the sky.  Upon successful completion of his duties, he gets to come home and play Super Dad to his 2 wonderful children.  During his free time he enjoys flying drones and playing a good game of Rocket League or Fortnite on Nintendo Switch.


Visiting for the holiday.