They Blew up the Bridge

Have you ever been stuck in traffic due to road construction? Or perhaps maybe you have just been stuck in traffic in general due to an automobile accident. In this week’s podcast, we discuss the madness of road construction and how it always interferes with our travel plans. It is the necessary evil that always gets in the way of our most important trips. We also talk about cyber warfare and how the future of technology may also bring sophisticated options to the table in terms of war. Lastly, learn how technology advancements are changing what we already know about concerts.

Going Postal

Have you ever encountered shipping problems? This week Aaron tells a story about his shipping madness. We also discuss the evolution of shipping and where it is heading next. Look in our show notes to learn more about drone deliveries using Prime Air from Amazon. We also spend some time reviewing the Apple Watch and discuss the rising cost of smart phones. Do you have any shipping madness to share with us? If so, feel free to leave a comment below or share it with us on our facebook. It is great to know when others can relate to our madness.

The Customer Is Always Right

Is the customer always right? Find out in this 2nd episode of Weekly Madness where we cover companies who don’t always return your call. We also explore introductory pricing and how customer service has changed over time. In our technology section, we go more in depth with our special guest Cameron Lundy to discuss the benefits of heated ceilings and how they may work differently than one might expect.

There's a Hurricane Outside

I would like to thank everyone for your patience while we have been getting our new podcast ready to launch. This is the first episode of Weekly Madness which was recorded during a storm and it is great to finally get it out there. In this episode, we discuss Hurricane Florence and how it impacted the Carolinas. We talk about the Apple keynote. Then, we finish off our episode talking about the gas explosions in Boston, MA. Please excuse us if our first episode is a little rusty.