The Blame Game

We have all seen it. Every day we turn on the television and there is someone in our government blaming someone of something. President Trump did this. The head of the CIA did that. It is always the fault of somebody and we are never satisfied until we get to the bottom of who is responsible! That’s right, we are talking about the blame game. Why are we so focused on who is responsible for what happened rather than fixing the issue in the first place? Because nine times out of ten we are blaming someone for doing something wrong. Nobody ever wants to take responsibility for that! But, sometimes it is just the responsible thing to do. Do you ever see people blame someone for doing something good? In today’s podcast episode we discuss blame, fake people, the madness of technology tracking people, and misleading advertisements.

You Ate What?


This week on Weekly Madness, we go over how our Thanksgiving was and follow up on Aaron’s Black Friday experiences. We discuss how businesses are open more often now on holidays and how families have evolved over time into living a faster paced lifestyle here in the USA. Also, have you ever noticed that when you travel to different parts of the country, you cannot always find some of the food items you enjoy? Sounds pretty maddening doesn’t it? Well it maddens us too! Listen as we discuss what some of our favorite food items are and how we cannot obtain them in certain parts of of our own country.

Thanksgiving Special


In today’s episode of Weekly Madness, we introduce 2 new team members to our podcast. Nora Speakman is from San Antonio, Texas and has experience hosting her own podcast called the Liminality Life Podcast. Chelsea Baker is from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We are happy to give a warm welcome to both of these new team members and are pleased to have them as a part of our show.

During this episode, we discuss what maddens us during Black Friday. Have you ever had to wait in line to get the number one selling item of the year? Do you find that you end up buying more gifts for yourself during Black Friday rather than for others? Perhaps this day brings out more greed in people rather than kindness. What about Cyber Monday? Do you find yourself on Amazon trying to get the best deals?

While Black Friday may bring out our crazy side, I would like to feel that Thanksgiving brings out our generosity and kindness. I feel there is no holiday that brings people together better than Thanksgiving. It is the one holiday where family can get together and pig out on a wonderful meal. There is no need to be concerned about religious or ethnic background. There is no need to be concerned with political correctness. It’s a time of giving each other’s company. We live our lives in such a fast paced society today, that this is probably one of the few times you get to sit down to a great home cooked meal. Enjoy it.

As part of this episode, we will be giving away 2 free Amazon gift cards valued at $25. All you have to do is visit our facebook page located <HERE> for more information on how to participate. The winners of the gift cards will be announced at 12PM Eastern Time on Black Friday.

Rage Behind the Wheel

So, Thanksgiving is on its way. One of my favorite holidays. I feel it is the one holiday that brings the whole family together. Christmas may bring family together, but it is religious based. Thanksgiving in my opinion is the one holiday that brings people together regardless of their religion which is what I think makes it so special. You also don’t have to worry about buying Christmas gifts for those you are visiting. That all starts the next day. The day the madness begins. Black Friday craziness. In this episode, we begin discussing madness in the parking lots, behind the wheel of your car, and madness when it comes to education. We also give thanks to the Veterans as well as extend our hearts out to those who are affected by the fires in California.

Nothing but Madness

Sign! Sign! Everywhere a sign! Do political signs, bulk campaign mail and telephone calls drive you crazy when elections are near? We feel your pain! While everyone should be doing their part and voting, there is definitely a level of madness that comes along with it. Hear about some of our election madness in this episode. We also discuss voter ID and the good and bad of social media. We also go into madness around job interviews as well as internet or text messaging scams. This episode is a treasure chest of great madness you won’t want to miss. So listen today!

Halloween Special

 Sculpture made by  Molly Morning-glory . Photo taken in River Arts District of Asheville, NC.

Sculpture made by Molly Morning-glory. Photo taken in River Arts District of Asheville, NC.

Do telemarketers drive you crazy? You are not alone. In this episode, listen to us talk about our madness with telemarketers and scammers. But fear not, we also go over some valuable tools you can use to help reduce telemarketing calls. In our technology section, we discuss the Be My Eyes app and Aaron’s smart bed. We also ponder on what it would be like if smart devices began to outsmart their operators. Also, last but not least, hear about our trip to Asheville and learn about the great art of Sayaka Ganz.

There Is a Carnival Inside

Do you ever have issues at the doctor’s office? Perhaps you don’t like all the waiting you have to do before actually being able to see your doctor. Or perhaps your doctor is never available when you try to make an appointment to see them. In this episode, we discuss the frustrations of going to see our doctor and some of the implications you may sometimes encounter with medical billing. We then share our opinions on smart homes in our technology section. Followed by discussing current events involving Walmart and Carnival cruise line.

I Hate Leaves

After many hot days, it finally feels like fall is here in the Carolinas. The county fairs are popping up, the renaissance festival is in town, and the hot air balloon festival is coming to Statesville, NC. While some of us will be getting out of the house and enjoying the changing colors of the fall leaves, other people like Aaron will be staying home being miserable raking the leaves and complaining about it.

In this week’s podcast, we talk about what we enjoy and dislike about the fall as well as the madness of seasonal employment and people being nosey. In our technology section, we talk about the right to repair bill and the new Google Pixel 3. We then complete our podcast with discussion about Donald Trump signing a bill to remove the pharmacist gag clause on drug prices.

Also mentioned in today’s podcast, we checked out an event called Cotton Ginning Days which featured crafts, rides, food, and old buildings where you got to learn about the old ways of living in the cotton ginning era. It was amazing seeing the old steam powered engines and tools used to aid in everyday tasks such as cutting wood. One of the crafts that really stood out was from BR Primitives Handmade Instruments & More. The owner, Brian Revels, seen in the picture below, shows off one of his handmade instruments made from a cigar box. It was fascinating listening to him play, and we felt it was truly worth a mention in our podcast. For those of you who are music lovers, these instruments are unique and are worth checking out on his Facebook profile to learn more.

 Brian Revels playing one of his custom made cigar box guitars.

Brian Revels playing one of his custom made cigar box guitars.

They Blew up the Bridge

Have you ever been stuck in traffic due to road construction? Or perhaps maybe you have just been stuck in traffic in general due to an automobile accident. In this week’s podcast, we discuss the madness of road construction and how it always interferes with our travel plans. It is the necessary evil that always gets in the way of our most important trips. We also talk about cyber warfare and how the future of technology may also bring sophisticated options to the table in terms of war. Lastly, learn how technology advancements are changing what we already know about concerts.

Going Postal

Have you ever encountered shipping problems? This week Aaron tells a story about his shipping madness. We also discuss the evolution of shipping and where it is heading next. Look in our show notes to learn more about drone deliveries using Prime Air from Amazon. We also spend some time reviewing the Apple Watch and discuss the rising cost of smart phones. Do you have any shipping madness to share with us? If so, feel free to leave a comment below or share it with us on our facebook. It is great to know when others can relate to our madness.